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SARS 2021 – 2022 Training Program Recruitment

Prepared to set out on an undeniably exhilarating and various experience with SARS? SARS is

searching out more youthful and rising ability who meet the necessities for the

Graduates in Training Program.

It is imperative which you are moral, restrained, and leaned to

research in the event that you are to be important for the pivotal mission of revamping SARS.

The program utilizes a reliant canvases included dominating methodology

that conveys guideline with reasonable exercise by means of the

association’s outstanding disciplines.

The expectation is to acquire the CA (SA) capability through completing a

three a year article programming with SARS, that is authorized through the South

African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Graduates stream by means of different locales of the venture or cycle subjects to investigate the needful abilities.

Least Criteria

Applicable B.Com Honors in Accounting/Certificate in Theory of Accounting (NQF 8)


The main goal of this capacity is to harvest compositions included dominating

that blends standard and practical appreciate through completing a two a year

subordinate improvement programming. To help the fundamental capabilities, the

Graduate will pivot inside a venture unit or artistic creations subject.

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Least Criteria

three a year National Diploma (NQF 6) – Information Technology; Applied Mathematics; Administration; Law; Paralegal Studies

Four year college education (NQF 7) – Accounting; Taxation; Auditing; Law; Supply

Chain; Industrial Engineering; Computer Science; Data Science; Data

Investigation; Artificial Intelligence; Actuarial Science; LLB; Digital

Change; Forensic Auditing/Investigation; Risk Management

Praises Degree (NQF 8) – Accounting; Taxation; Computer Science; Data

Science; Economics; Econometrics; Applied Mathematics; Quantitative



To follow for this position, if it’s not too much trouble, include your CV and an inspiration or

cowl letter clarifying why you’re the great possibility for the interaction.



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